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Reporting Road Defects

For users of Smart phones such as iPhone and Android, there is an app entitled ‘My Wiltshire’which allowsthe user to report road defects directly to our local authority, namely Wiltshire Council. When using this mobile phone app, the person can photograph the problem area (e.g. pot holes), the system will automatically affix a grid location and your phone details and send the message. I am informed that this is a much quicker and more convenient way to get a response from the Council and hopefully solve some of our local road defects.

A conversation with our local garage owner confirms that there has been an increase in vehicles suffering broken/damage suspension, probably directly as a result of our poor road conditions.

The Burton Community Association (BCA) suggest that any resident (with access to a Smart phone) and finding such a road defect, use this process to report the problems.


Chris Bennett

BCA Secretary

Alistair Caie 2014